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The Labour 4 Day Week group will promote the reduction of working time as a bold, forward-looking policy.

We will provide a voice for party activists who see an ongoing reduction in work hours as a fundamental aim of any socialist, democratic government.

We will allow members and MPs alike to fight for this salient cause within its natural home – the Labour Party.

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🎉 The four-day week motion was passed at Labour Party Conference!🎉

This means that is now Labour Party policy to transition to a 32-hour working week within 10 years of being in government. This campaign will continue to work hard to make sure this policy is included in any future manifesto, and that the policy is implemented once Labour are in government.

If you want to assist the cause in this way please let us know, we're here to help! Get in contact for more info.

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Read the Shorter Working Week Report by Autonomy and the 4 Day Week Campaign.

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